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About Aqua Fresh RO System

In 1994, Aqua Fresh RO Systems revolutionized the water purification technology by launching first line of UV water purifiers with small disposable inline sediment and inline carbon filters in India. Our first Aqua Fresh Water Purifier and every system since was designed to eliminate or remove all impurities that cause unwanted taste, odor and discoloration in potable drinking water. From this simple concept of a "better tasting water", Aqua Fresh RO Water Purifiers has grown and developed.

In the beginning, Aquafresh Water Purifiers were made to used primarily in homes. As the market has developed, our products have found their way into many other applications including commercial ro water purification, industrial water treatment plants, beverage equipment & bottling. Today we have complete range of Ro water purifiers from under-the-sink/under counter, counter top or wall mounted residential units to Industrial RO water systems. All our filters and spare parts incorporated in commercial reverse osmosis units and residential purification systems are WQA, NSF USA certified. Today, you will find Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers are used in virtually any condition where better tasting water is important.

Commitment to Excellence

Aqua Fresh RO Purifiers are manufactured in India. We are committed to manufacture the world's best, most cost-effective, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers. To that end, we spend huge amount of money and countless hours every year on research, development of design & technology, in-house testing, independent verification and quality control. For example:

1- On a regular basis our designers, water experts, quality control experts and production supervisors test and retest new and existing designs and materials used to make sure that our products perform to "Aquafresh RO" standards..

2- Every Water Purifier, RO System or filter design is submitted to NSF for independent verification of product performance. NSF conducts a series of tests conforming to industry norms and standards.

3- Samples from every phase of production are randomly collected for quality assurance evaluation. These samples are literally torn apart and tested in the in-house laboratory to ensure that they meet stringent guidelines.

These measures are just a few examples of the many steps we take to eliminate problems and ensure results. When an Aqua Fresh RO reaches the end of the production line and is sent for shipment, you can be assured that the product will perform as promised. Our commitment to excellence and the "Aqua Fresh" brand are your guarantee. Our aim is to offer best service & keep lowest AquaFresh Water Purifier Price in India.


Commitment to Our Customers

We recognize that our success is dependent upon a solid relationship with our customers and want to assure every client of our resolve to provide support and assistance. One call to us and your company has access to an expert team of top grade engineers, production supervisors, marketing professionals, and sales professionals. Our staff stands ready to assist you in design, distribution, marketing and promotion of existing or custom produce products. Call us today and let us tell you why AquaFresh RO makes world's safest and purest drinking water for you and your family.


Our Philosophy

We are what we drink and what we drink does make a difference to our health, our finances, our freedom and our shared environment.

At Aqua Fresh RO, our goal is to make water simple again. To provide our shared community with the tools and knowledge, products and services to create healthy, great tasting and safe drinking water without complications or compromise. Our philosophy is that

- Drinking Water should not be burdened with unnecessary bottling, packaging, costing or worry.
- Purified water for drinking or cooking must be safe, sustainable, affordable and easily available.
- It should not be shipped across world, stored in plastic products, containers or chlorinated.

Aquafresh RO water purifiers prices in India are lowest in comparison to other brands with similar quality, specifications,features and output. We know that our targets are high and hope that we can count on consumers valuable feedbacks, support and directions as we grow. Join us on Facebookand send us your comments and tell how we can improve or how Aquafresh RO has helped make your life better and simple.


AquaFresh RO Promises to Deliver One Thing: better water, pure and simple

History - Founded in 1994 and today recognized as a leader in water treatment for over One and a half decades.

Support - Aqua Fresh RO System dealers are serving over 81 cities in India making us country's top water expert.

Local Water Experts - With over 18 years of experience we know the water conditions and understand which solutions will work for you.

Technology - Aquafresh Water Purifier offers advanced, state-of-the-art water treatment technology like the AquaJet Plus Drinking Water System and going to introduce most advance Aqua-Sensor water purification technology (specially designed for domestic applications),

Solutions - We has the widest range of water purification solutions available, with a solution to fit every home and every budget.

Service - Our trained and certified technicians are among the world's best and offer the best service and maintenance in the industry.

Satisfaction - Aquafresh RO 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that your dealer will address your water problems. If you are not fully satisfied with any Product within 30 days after your purchase, we will give you a full refund (Dealer participation may vary).


At Aqua Fresh RO Systems, we understand how important water is to you, your family, and your home. Which is why when you trust Aqua Fresh with your water needs, we promise to deliver one thing: better water, pure and simple. And as the world's leader in water treatment technology, we've been fulfilling that promise for over 18 years.

Discover all the reasons why we are better choice for better water:


Aqua Fresh RO Water Filtration and Treatment Plants are the clear choice for drinking water needs. Why? Because Aqua Fresh Ro products have patented and proprietary features that deliver superior performance and convenience unmatched in the industry.

For over 18 years Aquafresh RO Water Purifiers have been used in homes to provide a cleaner, clearer, better tasting water for drinking, cooking and general household use. We have a wide range of water filter systems and water treatment products to solve all residential and commercial water quality issues from simple sediment issues to complex contamination problems.

Aquafresh RO Sytems are manufactured by Aqua Fresh Appliances India, the largest residential water filter manufacturer in India, with 20 service centers and offices across India for local technical support. Aqua Fresh RO products are widely available at our distributors countrywide.

Aqua Fresh Water Purification products provide you and your family with cleaner, clearer, better tasting water throughout your entire home every day. With the most comprehensive product line from undersink filters for the kitchen and bath or softeners and filters for the entire home, Our products are perfect for any size home.


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